Current Issues in Education

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Schools are like fitness facilities. They help create strong individuals to become productive members of society.

You can see it from toddlers when they start to learn the alphabet and solve their first mathematical problem. These are essential skills we can use to create an ideal society.

Individuals are taught to take part in society so that they can contribute what they can. They can even incite change in their immediate community. But there are underlying issues that are often overlooked in most educational facilities.

This article lists the most prominent issues arising in education and the methods on how to address them. This is a guide to help parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, and even students become aware of these problems and find a solution together.

Mental Health

Mental health is not a recent discovery, but it has been neglected for so long. It’s only now that there has been an open understanding and learning of this factor in life.

It refers to the person’s overall psychological and emotional well-being.

American College Health Association’s study in 2018 notes that college students were feeling “overwhelming anxiety” in the last 12 months. The majority of the students reported they had higher-than-average stress levels.

Another study states that more students sought help from counseling centers.

This issue will continue to prop itself upon the context of education because we are now in the prime of education.

An individual’s mind is made up of intellectual and emotional quotients. These two, when in sync and perfect working order, can make a person a better individual.

One needs to address both and balance the two to make the person a functioning and productive individual for both themselves and society.

Students who are feeling the pressure of academics and are prone to feeling down can find useful avenues that can help with accomplishing their requirements.

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While still a far cry from being removed entirely from the system, thankfully, bullying is slowly being addressed in different forms and means.

That is not to say that it is no longer a big issue. While many stories tell about how acceptance and justice have kept bullying culture at bay, these are but a few compared to the many untold and hidden acts that have yet to surface.

A key to putting a stop to these incidents is honesty from both victims and witnesses.

Reporting the incident leads to action on the part of authorities who are responsible for putting a stop to this behavior.

Every state, as well as school, has its anti-bullying law in place to help the victims. But unless the problem is reported, the governing authorities cannot act on it.

If you’ve been bullied or have known someone who is constantly bullied, do yourself a favor and report it to authorities. There is no shame in reaching out to authorities to put a stop to this bad practice.


In a staggering report, school performance is directly affected by a student’s family income capacity. It explained that low-income earning families could not afford tutors and other resources that enrich the learning of the student.

Another study states that low-income capacity also equates to food instability, family turmoil, and other stressors that can negatively affect their academic success.

On the other hand, teachers’ salaries also need to be taken into account.

National Center for Education reports that they also suffer from this issue as professional teachers in the U.S. suffer from decreasing average salaries.

This does not only demotivates a dedicated teacher but also prompts them to action, such as walking out and protesting.

While there is no quick answer or solution to this issue, there are ways on how to address it. The government and private sectors can do well to coordinate to develop a long-term solution for this issue.

Distraction Caused by Technology

No doubt, technology drastically improved our lives. Who knows what it can do in the near future.

It has helped higher education at a noteworthy speed. It has connected students to teachers and has expanded the knowledge base. Moreover, the search for it has become simpler and faster.

But we are not oblivious of the fact that there has been some negative impact on the people in academia.

Students become more attached to their devices. A survey reports that college students reported using their phones an average of 11 times per day in class. If the class runs for an hour, that would amount to at least one glance at their phone every 12 minutes.

As mono-tasking creatures, this causes a lapse in the acquisition of learning and absorbing what is being taught in class.

This does not affect just the students who are looking at their mobile devices; a survey also cites the neighboring students also get affected. Those are enough reasons to believe that technology can still take its toll if not managed well by students, parents, and teachers.


This problem can be solved by communicating the importance of focusing on the tasks at hand. A proper understanding of how and when to use mobile phones and other devices can lead to a better appreciation and application of the technology available.

Final Thoughts

Issues like these are not impossible to solve. We need to learn when to pause and take the time to check what we can do about them. While they may have varying degrees of difficulty, they are not without a solution.

After all, isn’t it always true that the bigger the problem that is solved, the better life becomes? We must always make it a point to ponder the answer to big questions so that we can live a good life and leave a better one for future generations.

In a quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Whether that came directly from his mouth or not, it still speaks true. With the right knowledge, society can see what it can do to change for the better of its citizens.

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