24 Business Ideas That Could Be Worth Millions

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6 million-dollar business ideas that most people won’t touch

Business opportunities arise in many forms, and some very profitable sectors today are comprised of jobs many people might find unpalatable. Take the “services to dwellings and buildings” market, which according to financial information firm Sageworks has been producing double-digit sales growth and strong profit margins for the past couple of years. Jobs here include pest control, janitorial services and carpet cleaning.

Many firms in these businesses can charge a premium due to the nature of the work — especially when biohazards are involved. And as a result, they can pay more to get employees certified for special skills, and pay them more in wages for these messy jobs, too.

There’s lots of money in doing what most people aren’t willing to do. Here are six small firms that are pulling in more than 800 million in annual sales and in markets for which many people might not have the stomach.

Coming Up With a Millionaire Dollar Business Idea

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