About us

The website focuses on education and mainly looks at the relationship between technology and education. Increasingly, technology is playing a pivotal role in education today than years ago, and there are the benefits of this trend as well as disadvantages.

Traditional and conventional ways of learning are still a common aspect today, but it is hard to ignore the advent of technology-based learning, which includes Project-Based Learning, and the use of Android apps and other technologies in the classroom and learning environment today.

With the overall role of making school easier, the website delves into the issues that are at the center of education and learning today. The website looks at some of the efficient ways and methods of enhancing the education process. There is a unique concentration on the infusion of new and modern tips in the education process today.

The author’s mainstay on this blog is also on education. The author looks at how students and teachers can use seamless methods in the broader education process. Given that education and learning can take various forms in today’s age, there is a keen look at how some technological methods can be of use to the learning process by the author.

The team also focuses on the key objective of the blog, which is education. The author and the team look at education from different perspectives, and in the process, come up with unique ways of helping make education and school easier and enjoyable for students as well as teachers and instructors.