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Current Issues in Education

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Schools are like fitness facilities. They help create strong individuals to become productive members of society. You can see it from toddlers when they start to learn the alphabet and solve their first mathematical problem. These are essential skills we can use to create an ideal society. Individuals are taught to take part in society […]

How to Translate Your Graduate Degree

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When you go from a country to another and need to use your degree for a specific purpose, like getting employed, things can get very tricky. Depending on where you’re going, you might need a translation of the document. After all, you can’t expect a foreigner to understand a diploma in a language they most […]

Effects of Marijuana on the Brain

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Cannabis sativa, commonly known as pot or marijuana, is considered to be the most widely used drug by teenagers in the United States and Europe. Marijuana is composed of 60 cannabinoids, which are psychoactive compounds found in the cannabis plant (Steinherz and Vissing, 1997-1998; US DOJ Editors, 2014). Since it is fat-soluble, marijuana and its […]

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Major Types of Evaluation Research

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Unlike most research carried out for various reasons and also at distinct times to prove or disapprove a point, Evaluation research forms part of a policy process. It is usually the last stage of the policy process. According to Hagan (2014) it evolved from technology and probably the reason it is not founded on theory. […]